RAVE Token

Read More about the utility token, RAVE that will power the RAVENDEX ecosystem
$RAVE is a Cardano Native token deployed on the Cardano Network.
Rave has a total supply of 1 Billion, With $RAVE, you will be granted the ability to interact with our platform on the Cardano network, staking, providing liquidity.
Token Name: Ravendex Token Ticker: $RAVE

Rave Use Case

$Rave token holders can utilize our staking platform when launched to up to 25% additional return on staked assets.
The amount of $RAVE allocated determines the size of the stake and rewards are paid out after each cycle.
$RAVE Liquidity Mining Program
When holding $RAVE, you can choose to provide liquidity to projects on our DEX and receive a percentage of the liquidity fees.
You can also Stake Your LP Tokens To Farm New Tokens.
Paying For DEX Platform Fees
Vetted Projects Can Apply For IDO on our launchpad and fees will be paid in $Rave Tokens
We plan to evolve into a full Decentralized Autonomous Organization where decisions are taken by $Rave token & NFT holders.