How To Participate In Ravendex ISPO

How to participate in Ravendex's ISPO and be rewarded in Rave token?
The Ravendex ISPO leverages Cardano’s native stake pool rewards infrastructure and delegation mechanism.
The more ADA you delegate and the longer you delegate to the ISPO, the more you will earn $RAVE tokens.
Ravendex ISPO Participation Requirements
To participate in the ISPO you will need to:
Have or buy ADA
Transfer your ADA to a Cardano wallet and Delegate to Ravendex's ISPO stake pools.


The easiest way to buy ADA is through a centralised exchange. Exchanges available to you will vary based on the country you live in. Below is a list of some of the bigger exchanges.
Please ensure that the exchange you are using is allowed in your country (or state for US residents).

Create a Cardano wallet and transfer your ADA

Current popular Cardano wallets are Yoroi , Nami Wallet and Daedalus. We recommend using Yoroi as it is the most user friendly.

Delegate to Ravendex stake pool

Currently we have only one pool, the RaveP Stake pool
How Do I Stake To The RaveP Pool?
Pool Name: Ravendex
Pool Ticker: RaveP
Pool Url: pool.ravendex.io
Pool Type: 100% Rave
Status: Active
We would be starting out with the 100% Rave Pool where you will accumulate twice as many Rave tokens.
A 50% Rave Pool will be opened shortly afterwards and by delegating to the 50% pool, you will get 50% of your ADA staking reward and therefore accumulate only half of the possible RAVE per epoch