Frequently Asked Questions About Ravendex

What makes you different from other Cardano projects?

Rave Token is the most decentralized Cardano Native Token.
• Ravendex: A permissionless AMM Dex for Cardano Native Tokens
• RavenStake: Users can Stake Their Cardano Native Tokens & earn interests
• RavenVault: Will work like a traditional savings account, you can earn passive interest from just letting your Rave Sit on your Wallet.
• RavenLaunch: Launch Your Ideas and Startups On The Cardano Blockchain in a fair and decentralized manner.

What is the total supply of RAVE

• There will be only 1 Billion $Rave Tokens In Existence
Policy ID: 14a3455f71c435a04ea1fdb50a3ef4c1cab0e79fb1565627ac66a575

Why Should One Hold $Rave Tokens?

Ravendexlabs will develop a variety of defi tailored services which $RAVE will be the underlying utility token powering all.
In addition, we will evolve into a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) governed by Rave token holders.

Is There An Airdrop Program?

No, not at this moment, but will be launching our bounty programs in few weeks time to incentivize our community.

When Do We Expect Ravendex To Launch?

In line with our roadmap, we will be looking to launch Late Q3 of 2022 or early Q4 2022.

Who Are The Team Members?

Ravendex is made up of an anonymous group of Developers, Designers & The Raven's Nest Community In General.
We have choosen to remain behind the scenes while we build and develop innovative products.